Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 26: A special present...

Today I arrived to Eddison to find a very special gift from the nurse that was on night duty last night, Jade. She had taken these gorgeous photos of Ed and written the most beautiful comments on the back of them and left them there for me. She must have been a mind reader because only a day before I was struggling to find a "good photo" for our birth announcement cards ( now he's a month old we probably should tell some people).

Ed came out for a 2 hour cuddle today and wriggled and squirmed picking his head up to look around. It's amazing to see him in the last few days since he started really using his eyes all the time, he just wants to look at everything.
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 21 - Hello Grandma.

Today Eddison was 3 weeks old and finally got to meet his Grandma Gairns (my mum). After returning from Europe a week ago both the Gairns grandparents have been battling with the flu and today Grandma was finally able to come out of quarantine to meet the little man. My sister, Aunty Cera also visited.
Ed was supposed to be weighed last night but as the ward got busy he will be weighed tonight instead.
We're both missing Andrew terribly which was evident during our cuddles as Eddison kept lifting his head, in my opinion he was looking for his dad.

Day 22 - 980 grams!

Today we got some exciting news... Eddison weighed in at 980grams last night! So he has put on 70grams in 3 days and is well and truly back over his birthweight of 930grams.

He also met Grandad Gairns for the first time. He got his first taste of just how much worse the 'grandparent paparazzi' is than mum and dads snap-happiness.

Little man was still a little pale, though better than yesterday. He'll have his blood tested again tomorrow just to be sure everything id honky doorey.